ARCH CABINS cabins is a construction company specialising in the building of cabins made from wood and steel structure

Exclusive High Quality, Low Cost, Housing designed for the efficient speed of build. From as little as 14 days to 4 weeks. Each unit is capable of being disassembled and reassembled elsewhere with no major construction.


This is the perfect answer for a Granny flat - Office - Gym - Studio - or Staff  accommodation and much more. Either at home or at your business.
Can also be used for permanent home with flexible options.



Our MOTO is "flexability " We are able to build whatever size and whatever finishing you require 


All unit pricings are of basic installation for cost effectiveness. We try make these units for as cheap as possible without ignoring quality.

All units are built according the the national building regulations and the SA national standards

We believe NO ONE can beat our pricing.Since everyone has different requirements our pricing is simply the entry level bathroom and or kitchen installation.


If you chose to make changes and upgrades, we will happily oblige, however, change to pricing will take place.

All our structures are built as follows:

  • Solid Pine main frame built above ground to prevent rot. (Concrete slab can be priovided if aproval for permanent structure is provided).

  • Plywood flooring with lamibnated wood or carpeting is applied for double insulation. 

  • Structure is constructed out of a removable steel framework.

  • Roof structure is chromadec IBR over sizelation which is 1st stage thermal protection.

  • Front and back walls are marine ply cut and assembled with alluminium windows and sliding door.

  • Inside roof and walling is 2nd stage thermal protection.

  • Bathrooms are basic with gas water heater

  • Kitchens are basic melamine abd gas stoves are provided with kitchen units 

  • All plumbing piping and electrical wiring is constructed within the walls

Here are some pictures for indiction of the structures that are in process of being built to give you an idea of how they are constructed



Franchise opportunities offered 


Price is dependent on size and opportunities of each region. Prices are around R60 000 to R160 000.
Fee's for franchise is only 2% per build for marketing and management costs. Meaning no business no franchise fee.


Each franchise will receive:


  • CAD drawings for all steel work.
  • Min build material quality standards
  • Coral draw program and drawings for design layouts 

  • Complete costing & calculation sheet

  • Estimating/Invoicing templates and all Artwork
  • On site building training, Equipment recommendations.

  • Project Management training

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Continuous business recommendations and legal advice.
  • Sub-contractor NDA and contracts

We send you videos on building calculations and construction procedure. We will have a skype meeting and run through all the rest of the business documentation. Ill visit you when you begin your first build for further staff training.

Headoffice will be responsible for BRAND marketing across the country.

We recommend Marketing be done by each branch as well. This will also ensure a better BRAND awareness


Business assistance and legal recommendations will be provided on a ongoing basis for free.

Fundamentally you will have an entire business setup for you as a mirror of all others.


The profitability is is purely your energy you prepared to put into the business.


ARCH CABINS manufacture strong and durable, cost effective eco housing for the African market.
We also offer various off the grid options for Power and Water