6m wide by 8.4m long examples

4m by 6m Is our entry level unit.

A common size for typical charlets. With a total internal size of 24sqm and a 1.2m front deck. One can design it as open plan or one bedroom with small kitchenette for self catering needs. Ideal for Granny flat - Office - Studio - Staff quarters or Guest room at your private residence or business. Overall length can be expanded to your desired requirements. 


Prices start at R195 000 
about $13 000 USD 



6m by 8.4m interior unit size

50sqm unit with 1.2m deck. Ideal unit for a lodge or get away cabin or addional residence on farms and small holdings for a couple or small family.


This can easily be used for a more permanent  living.  

With submitted plans this unit will add value to any property.   


Price starting at R310 000
about $17,400 USD   

All units are flexable in sizes and finishings. Please talk to us regarding your requirements.

All units are quality build guarantee for 1 year.


They DO NOT include plans.



4m wide by 6m long examples

6m by 10.8m 2 x Double bed unit

65sqm unit with 1.2m deck. This is a 2 bed unit that has can fit king size bed in the main bedroom and a double in the second bedroom

This is a perfect unit more specialised unit for permanent living with full bathroom and full kitchen.


Submitted plans will add value to any property   

Price starting at R375 000
about $21 000 USD

6m wide by 10.8m long example 


All Carports made from steel and Chromadeck and guaranteed for 2 years


Any size to fit any vehicle 


Talk to us for a quote on what your needs are  



We provide materials supplied from the closest supplier to your required build.
There will be delivery costs can not be determined until build happens due to constant variation in costs.

We endevour to give you the closest possible complete price for each unit. So each price below is not cast in stone. They serve as an accurate as possible quideline.


All units are can be at created at different layouts and lengths as per your requirement. 
Talk to us ragarding this and other requirements 


8m Wide 12m long Double story 

8m by 12m long & 
Upper floor 7m by 4.8m


130sqm Large double story house for a full family with 2 bathrooms.


This unit is the Rolls Royce of our builds. The 3 bed unit can be recreated into a 4 bed easily. 


Decking can be extended as one wishes


Submitted plans will add any value to any property 


Pricing starts at R540 000
about $30 000 USD